Guardian Homes

We place a great deal of emphasis on the placement of our breeding dogs in loving homes. Taking care of their well-being is of paramount importance to us. Keeping this in mind, we offer the guardian program, which allows us to place a puppy of our choice in your home. You will raise the puppy as part of your family, which includes the socialization, the love and care, and the training of the puppy. Once the puppy is ready to be bred for a selected number of litters (females) or a selected number of years (males), we will enroll them in our breeding program.


Our females in our guardian program are contracted for a number of litters. When she is ready to breed, one of the ZimmDoodles team will pick her up for the mating. She will be picked up around 3 times during her heat cycle. During her pregnancy she will stay with the guardian, ZimmDoodles has requirements that must be followed during this time. Such as food, exercise, and what she may or may not do. The female will come to ZimmDoodles around a week before she is due to get her comfortable for delivery. She will stay with ZimmDoodles for several weeks after birth. During this time guardians are not allowed to visit until we contact them that they may come for a short visit.


    Will come to us when we need his studding services and then returned home to you until next breeding

    Once they have completed their time in our program you as the guardian are responsible for the spay/neuter of the dog.

    ZimmDoodles requires an interview with the family before the contract is signed to go over all the details.

      Dogs in Guardian Homes



      Ellie is our cockapoo weighing 20 pounds



      Luna is our cockapoo female.