Southern Alberta Doodles

Southern Alberta Doodles

As a breeder located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, we began breeding miniature Labradoodles in 2018. The decision was made to retire the dam and sire labradoodles in order to start with cockapoos. This is due to the fact that they have a similar temperament and intelligence to the labradoodles. In addition, they are a smaller breed that is well suited to families.

Our cockapoos are proudly registered with ACC and are Recommended Breeders with DoodleDoods

In light of the current economic situation affecting everyone, ZimmDoodles has decided to reduce the prices of our puppies. We firmly believe that every family should have the opportunity to bring a healthy, high-quality puppy into their home. At ZimmDoodles, we prioritize the well-being of our puppies and the families who adopt them.

Current Litters


For additional information, please refer to the "Dog Talk with Torri" blog, where we answer a few more questions. You are welcome to contact us if you are unable to find the answer to a particular question you are seeking. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

What families are saying about ZimmDoodles

Zimmdoodles did a wonderful job bringing our sweet girl to us. From our first glimpse of her we knew we’d be getting a quality pup. Any questions we had were answered quickly,they couldn’t have been more responsive. They raise the pups with love and consideration of what’s best for their development. They do little extras that mean so much. If anyone wants a cockapoo Zimmdoodles is the best.

Leila Andrea Dawn Giese

We just purchased our second cockapoo from zimmdoodles. Very easy to deal with and they are excellent with the pups. I highly recommend if your looking for a dog to give them a chance. Also have friends that have purchased pups and everyone is happy. Good and honest people.

Greg Stodalka

It's the personality! Emmett is such a character and we just love him to bits, even when he gets into things she shouldn't, like mom's makeup

Paula Hoffart Stodalka

Oooo, he's just the most wonderful, loving, playful, smart ,cuddly puppy ever! He's been with us just over 8 months and we can't imagine him not being part of our family!

Ruth Lerner

We have Mia from the last litter. She's amazing. ZimmDoodles is local and really care about their dogs. I really recommend these breeders.

Love these breeders totally recommend them. We love our dog.

Karen Sweet

His personality is the best, he is so kind and loves everyone. We love him so much.

Tiffany Farrell

Charlie Brown is such a great addition to our family, thank you so much! Now if he can just figure out how to hold his new tug toy lol.

Ken Priestap

O my God you are so right he's adorable.

Ruth Sehn

Riley is kind, and has a gentle nature. He is very very smart. He is also not a barker. He just turned 2. I would definitely purchase another of his mom and dads offsprings in the future.

Paula Hiebert

And we love our Ozzy! I think they all have the same expression!

Theresa Woolf-Nickel

We love so much about Max! His playful nature, his cuddles and his love of a good sweater.


Tanya Regina


Ellie is our cockapoo weighing 20 pounds


Drew is our F2 cockapoo weighing 20 pounds.

Xmas2 (1 of 1)


Lucy is our smallest cockapoo weighing at 10 pounds, she is perfect for condo or apartment life. A lapdog through and through, if you sit on the couch she will come and snuggle with you.