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The family, along with our breeding dogs, resides in Medicine Hat, Alberta. During 2018, Dixie, Renae, and Torri decided to breed doodles. In order to produce healthy puppies, we believe breeding genetically cleared parents is essential.

There is a critical importance to the environment in which puppies are born and raised during the first several weeks of their lives. Every puppy is handled from birth, Renae and Torri are present at every delivery. Monitoring the health of the mother and ensuring that each puppy is weighed and nursing. During the first few weeks after birth, Dixie keeps watch over the puppies and their mother to ensure they are doing well.

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Torri Zimmerman

As well as being a dog lover, I am also a photographer and a hiker. She can always be found with either a camera or a dog in her hand.

Her responsibilities include all of the photography for ZimmDoodles as well as the paperwork that is required for each dog and litter, putting together puppy packs, and also participating in the breeding process, delivering the puppies, and caring for them as they grow.

Certified in Canine Anatomy                          Certified in Canine Genetic Defects & Health

Certified in Canine Genetics                             Certified in Kennel Blindness

Certified in Canine Breeding Systems

Certified in Canine Pedigrees

Certified in Canine Selection

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Renae Zimmerman

Renae is in the AHS and also a qualified figure skating coach. She is involved in the breeding process, delivery, and taking care of the puppies as they grow. 


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Dixie Zimmerman

Dixie is on night-time duty with the puppies starting when they are first born and until they go home. In the first few weeks she stays in the room with the pups to make sure they are latching on to mom and keeping an eye on them all. As they get older Dixie moves out of the nursery though still listens in case they need her.

Zimm Doodles Programs

Why Trust ZimmDoodles

It is the goal of ZimmDoodles to continually strive to improve its program. Participating in educational programs that are of high quality and trustworthiness. A Code of Ethics is required by the American Cockapoo Club and by the DoodleDoods as well. When you know that your breeder follows a standard, you can feel confident that your future puppy will be born from healthy parents, who are well-cared for and adored.